Redecoration of the Hall

The redecoration of the hall at St Mary’s was undertaken as it is the busiest part of our Church Centre used by so many different groups including our own pre-school St Mary’s Nursery,  Uniformed organisations (Beavers/Cubs/Scouts), Alzheimer Café, Women’s Institute, U3A groups, WeightWatchers and many more!

Having refurbished the floor and bought new chairs the rest of the hall was beginning to look sad and tired and desperately in need of a repaint.  Having a very high ceiling which can only be reached by a scaffolding tower it’s not an easy area to paint.

We only had a window of a few days in which to get the job done and didn’t know if our small team of volunteers from St Mary’s would be able to complete the task in the time.

Along came Morgan Sindall Community Activity Initiative to the rescue.  They supplied a team of 3 decorators to work alongside our volunteers to transform this huge space.

The difference they made is unbelievable.  We still have to pinch ourselves when we look at the before and after photographs since the difference is so remarkable.

Comments from our Network Officer

David Reed, who co-ordinated the project, stated “We were impressed at the way the team got on with the job in such a determined and cheerful way.  It is difficult to choose from the many positive comments that have been made, but the following best summarise our delight.

The Morgan Sindall Team were friendly, professional and efficient and have painted our hall to an excellent standard.

They were a joy to be around.  I was very impressed with their standard of work;  fast, efficient, a superb finished job and no mess! I’d have them paint my house any time.”

As if this wasn’t enough, the team announced that they would have finished this project early – was there any more they could do? Remarkable!  The bonus was repainting one of our Centre rooms, and completing repainting of another so that we now have 3 completely repainted areas for our church family and community to enjoy. All areas were prepared and repainted to an exceptionally high standard.

“Thank you Morgan Sindall, you have provided us with premises to be proud of and a great venue for our community to enjoy.”