Pray Together

Sunday evenings 7.00-8.00pm
until 3rd July 2016

Pray Together


Let’s pray together! At St Mary’s we believe we are called to be a people of prayer.

These prayer times on a Sunday evening are an opportunity for us to come together and for us to pray for our country, for Camberley and St Mary’s parish and local community, as well as praying for our church and for ourselves.

All are welcome.

Benefits from praying together are:

1. Praying together, collectively more prayers are prayed.  Each of us has a unique way of praying and praying together brings a new voice to the need.

2. Praying together often gives a deep feeling of belonging. When part of a group, we feel that we are a necessary part of a greater purpose.

3. Praying together improves our mood.  Looking out among others and feeling their love and care regardless of how we felt when we began, we leave feeling comforted.

4. Praying together opens our hearts to the needs of the people around us and reminds us that sometimes we can be the answer to someone’s prayer.