Man with a Pan

‘Man with a Pan’ Courses

With Camberley Alzheimer Café CIO

At St. Mary’s, Park Rd. Camberley GU15 2SR

The Man with a Pan courses have been run at St. Mary’s since September 2017. There are designed for older men taking on the cooking role in their home. They may be isolated and lonely from having looked after a partner for many years. They know that they are unable to cook and so managed with cake and biscuits of packaged meals. The need for cooking classes for these men was brought to the attention of the Camberley Alzheimer Café who had the capabilities, opportunity and will to address the issue. We knew of Mr. Robin van Creveld, lecturer/chef, who had experience at St. Mary’s in working with mothers and reduced income. We were able to get the funding from the ‘Awards for all’ Big Lottery, Johnsons Wax and the Co-op Southern Branch.

Man with a Pan

The classes of Man with a Pan, allowed for 6 men on each 5-week course meeting once a week with a reunion for all at a later date. They learned to prepare delicious, stress-free, affordable and healthy meals. The men were taken through all aspects of nutrition including budgeting, planning, purchasing, hygiene and health and safety in the kitchen. Using an international menu, the cooks learned the basic skills which included various adaptations to suit the palate of many. From minestrone soup, cheeses scones and apple crumble to tandoori chicken, vegetable samosas, lasagne to tiramisu they ventured. The men completed each session with a meal they had cooked, they then took home a portion for another day. Bit this was not the end. There was homework, and this included the purchase of ingredients and preparation of one of the items they had cooked on the day! Delicious recipes these were.Man with a Pan
The men cooked and got to know one another. They shared stories from their lives and ‘put the world to rights’. This was the secondary aim: relieving men of loneliness and isolation (contributable to constitutional illness). Here they could and did make friends. They returned with gusto to the first reunion and look forward to the second. Hopefully this opportunity will enable them to remain friends and this leads to the second part of this story!

The Camberley Alzheimer Café have been invited to apply for funding to expand this work to the Community and this we have done. We have taken a three-stranded approach with Mr. Robin van Creveld guiding the process. We are asking for funding to enable the following:
1. 4 ‘Man with a Pan’ Courses
2. 4 Healthy Heart Cooking Courses and with a rota of students from the courses
3. Cook for the monthly Camberley Alzheimer Café guests (11 times a year) providing for 50 meals plus 50 meals for the needy in our town including the homeless.

In the end it will be the public who decide who is allotted sufficient funding to expand the project into their community. Whilst observing the embargo on the press and radio till 12th. April, we are working to give the public the chance to become familiar with the term ‘Man with a Pan’ in the hope they will view us with a more favourable eye. Posters are being offered to the various businesses and institutions for public display. Wherever we go, the public illustrate their curiosity as to what lies ahead.

For information on how to vote, please contact Maureen on 01276 675 266

Maureen J. Hume,
Camberley Alzheimer Café Chair/Coordinator.
St. Mary’s Church,
Park Rd.,
GU15 2SR