Light of the World music prep

Dear Fellow Musicians and Choir,

Short instruction narrative:

The mp3 audio are to help you with learning your parts. There is a soft string background so you can hear the harmonic structure, and a simple drum part so you can hear where the beat is and the syncopation of the parts. It will only have piano on the night.

There a 6 mp3s.

The following parts:

• females top line
• alto I – female harmony top line
• alto II – female harmony second line
• Tenor I – Men top line
• Tenor II – Men main line – this is the one for men to sing if your not sure. It includes the tune on the second verse.


• all – everything at the same level. You can use this to see if you can sing your part against the others with the help of the emphasis.

Christmas music 2018 – Download the PDF

All – Download

Alto-1 – Download

Alto-2 – Download

Female – Download

Tenor-1 – Download

Tenor-2 – Download