God on Mute by Pete Greig

Published by Kingswaygod-on-mute

ISBN – 978-1842913178

Reviewed by Alan Purusram

I borrowed this book from the St Mary’s library on   recommendation from someone on the prayer team. It’s a modern and relevant companion to the Bible on the subject of unanswered prayer.

There are many books out there on the subject of God’s perceived silence during times of hardship, suffering and struggle. I’ve read several. They are usually useful scripture walks which aim to encourage and feed those who are struggling with bereavement, tragedy and illness and discouragement with promises and stories from the Bible, interspersed with pithy quotes and victorious events in the lives of long dead heroes of the faith.

This book has many of those same features, but what set it apart for me was the heartfelt honesty and reality the author communicates. In places it’s quite raw emotionally, and tries to express the real struggles with faith and God’s character that anyone who doesn’t understand what’s happening to them, and why, must grapple with if they are to remain honest with God and themselves.

Thankfully, I didn’t find any “answers” of the kind that some authors feel they need to provide; the reality is that sometimes the answer is “I don’t know”. But there is so much in this book that just helps to run our focus back on Jesus, who does know, and trust him when he won’t tell you.

I’d thoroughly recommend it to anyone who wonders what on earth God is doing with their lives, or when you ask and he doesn’t tell you.  A book of help to rediscover faith and trust in God and his word when everything around you is saying the opposite!