Alpha Course

What is Alpha?

The Alpha course allows individuals to explore the basics on the Christian faith without pressure or obligation. If you have questions about Christianity, are new to church, or have recently come to faith, we would love to invite you to join our next Alpha Course.

What does it involve?Alpha-Mark-Red2_Med-1

The course follows a series of talks, each covering different aspects of the Christian faith including ‘Who is Jesus?’, ‘Why and how do I pray?’ and ‘How does God guide us?’.

The sessions provide a safe environment to ask questions and individuals are free to join in with the discussion as much or as little as they like. No background knowledge or belief is assumed and no question is unworthy of being asked!

Typical format

The meetings are usually held one evening a week in the church centre and are hosted by individuals from the church family that have a deep understanding of the Christian faith. Their role is to facilitate and encourage discussion.

At St Mary’s the course typically runs in small groups starting with tea and coffee and time to get to know each other before watching a short talk, eating delicious pudding provided by members of the church community and discussing the weeks topic. However, each group is different and are encouraged by the hosts to find a format that works best for them.

Who is it for?

The Alpha course is open to everyone. Whether you have never been to church, have been occasionally or previously followed a different religion, everyone is welcome.

How much does it cost?

Completely free! The only thing that we ask is that you register your interest in advance so that we know how much pudding to make!


If you would like to find out more, please fill out your details on our contact page and then visit the Alpha website at for even more info.

We look forward to you joining us.