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St Marys Nursery Tour

St Marys Nursery Tour

January 2018

Our PCC went to visit the new st marys nursery in Watchetts recreational ground to see first hand how the journey that was started three years ago has come to fruition. With the amazing generosity of local charities, organisations and local council this incredible cedar wood building, standing on the site of the old bowling green is finally open and ready to help pre school children start of their journey of education. On many occasions we put our trust in God and this was one of those special days when we could clearly see how many people had done just that.

Volunteers Wanted!

St Mary’s Nursery are looking for motivated individuals to become part of a team to deliver a valuable building project to the Camberley community. We have been awarded a unique opportunity to expand and move into a park setting. This will enable us to continue to deliver essential Early Years development to local children of all backgrounds, including those with special needs.

We need to bring together a project team of skilled professionals to make this happen, on a voluntary basis, and ensure our new setting is built on time and budget.  As such we have an information sharing evening planned on  25th November.

Please help spread the word by sharing this post on your Facebook page, Twitter feed and any other social media platforms you may use. Thank You and we hope to see you on the 25th November at St Mary’s Church and Centre.

Hungarian Summer Camps update

Sam and Meg Sutherland have now returned from Hungary from the Summer Camps and we’ve had lots of regular updates from Mark during our services, which has kept us all updated.

Kornel has provided us with a video message thanking everyone involved, including the amazing Egg Box collection, which enabled 33 kids to attend the Camps.

The whole Team appreciated your prayers and we gave Thanks to God that everything went so well. Bless you.