Jesus is Baptised

January 13, 2019
Andrew says that by choosing to be baptised, Jesus identifies with us, so we can identify with him as beloved sons and daughters of God.

Men who Studied the Stars

January 6, 2019
No kings. Not three. No stable. No baby. Andrew has us read carefully the story of the visitors from the East.

Watch Out!

November 18, 2018
Andrew offers tips for becoming like Jesus, by spending time with him.

Imitators of God

August 12, 2018
Andrew's musings were inspired by a cappuccino in Weymouth Sainsbury's. You can hear the full version of the song You Restore My Soul (feat. Lauren Harris) here. 

Gathered in Christ

July 15, 2018
Andrew has us claiming on the guarantee of God's promise, which is the Holy Spirit.

Home and Away

July 8, 2018
Andrew looks at he reception Jesus got when he went home for a visit.

Jesus Calms a Storm

June 24, 2018
Andrew draws out the parallels between Jesus and the Old Testament character of Jonah.