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Volunteers Wanted!

St Mary’s Nursery are looking for motivated individuals to become part of a team to deliver a valuable building project to the Camberley community. We have been awarded a unique opportunity to expand and move into a park setting. This will enable us to continue to deliver essential Early Years

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Church weekend away (at home)

We had a fantastic weekend at St Mary’s, Camberley with Michael Harvey from Unlocking the Growth Trust as our guest speaker. Michael spoke about how we can be an invitational church and we explored why some of us find inviting people so difficult. There was plenty of time for conversations

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Bring and share BBQ

St Mary's youth enjoy the latest sermon on their iPhone

Bring, share, enjoy, chat, meet, eat, praise and review… These are just some of the words that immediately sprung to mind when thinking about todays bring ‘n’ share BBQ. After the service our troops swung into action, starting to BBQ, laying out beautiful salads and puddings and moving the tables

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